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At ComteqUSA, we use technology to solve business problems. We have the knowledge, infrastructure and capacity to help businesses manage the complexities of the Digital Economy. By bringing together the world's best technologies, we help our clients identify next steps for surviving in this new digital world.

Core Services at a Glance

Server-Based Computing

Imagine if you could use software applications, access file servers, and share databases at local area network speeds regardless of the where you are. Also imagine if you did not need to upgrade your hardware or even have a high speed Internet connection to do all of those things....this is server-based computing.

ComteqUSA provides implementation and installation of server-based computing systems, thin-client networks, and terminal servers.
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Information Technology Services

ComteqUSA's world-class Network Support Team specializes in providing a complete service of network monitoring, maintenance and administration that is tailored to your budget and your network support needs. We can help you organize, plan, develop, integrate and manage the applications and software specific to your industry. We'll not only reduce your anxiety, we'll help you cut costs and minimize confusion.
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Disaster Recovery

- Has your IT infrastructure changed in the past 12 to 18 months?
- Has your business become more dependent on your IT infrastructure?
- How confident are you that your recovery program is current and robust   enough to keep your business running in the event of an IT outage?

Recoverability today depends on complex relationships between multiple system-specific backup and recovery procedures that have been established over time, by a number of different people, based on isolated parameters and business objectives. Without a process for continually reassessing your backup and recovery processes against changes in your IT and business systems, you may find that what worked six months ago no longer provides adequate protection.
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Security & Privacy

The Internet is a powerful medium for business, communication, customer delivery, and many other types of transactions. It is always important to remember that the Internet is an open and insecure medium that exposes businesses to significant potential risks.

ComteqUSA can architect security solutions to support your endeavors in realizing the potentials of the Internet
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