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IT Services

Most companies now rely heavily on Information Technology to manage their business operations, such as comprehensive software packages to perform daily tasks (e.g. word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation packages) and e-mail / Internet tools to communicate in the global marketplace. The technology infrastructure that makes all this possible - the network - can be quite complex, especially for companies with multiple office locations, sometimes in other countries.

Without effective management, network performance can become unstable; for example, as a result of saturated disk space or a virus attack, both of which pose a serious risk to your systems and data. Thus, to ensure that your IT environment is stable and secure, it is essential to invest in specialized support that is dedicated to monitoring and administering your networks.

ComteqUSA offers this expertise. Our world-class Network Support Team specializes in providing a complete service of network monitoring, maintenance and administration that is tailored to your budget and your network support needs. ComteqUSA network support staff will ensure that your network operates at peak performance so that your systems are fully functional and your data is accessible. If any problems arise, the Network Support Team will work closely with the ComteqUSA Help Desk to ensure that these are resolved promptly and efficiently, thus minimizing any downtime to your business operations.

The ComteqUSA Network Support service includes:

· Proactive computer and network maintenance
· Technology planning, forecasting and budgeting
· Security strategy (firewall, network and data)
· Network diagnostics
· Systems integration
· Systems configuration and upgrades
· Systems moves or installs
· Systems backup
· Network administration (support your existing IT staff)
· High-speed data connections (T1, DSL, ISDN)
· Shared calendar and contacts
· Virus protection
· Remote and branch office support
· Multiple platform support

Contact us for more information about how the ComteqUSA Network Support solution can ensure peak network performance for your business.

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