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Disaster Recovery

Information drives business. A disaster affecting a data center can cause days or even weeks of unplanned downtime and data loss that could threaten an organization's productivity. For businesses that increasingly depend on data and information for their day-to-day operations, this unplanned downtime can also hurt their reputation and bottom line. As business continuity professionals have been saying for years, "It's not IF you'll have a site disaster, but WHEN."

How can IT organizations reduce (or eliminate) the threat of data loss and minimize downtime in the face of a site-wide disaster? ComteqUSA develops high availability solutions to help in disaster recovery planning. These solutions are flexible and allow IT organizations to choose the hardware / software that best suits their needs.

Backup and Vaulting

Data must be backed up and then stored in an offsite vault, with possibly duplicate copies of backup tapes stored onsite and offsite

Clustering Technology for Managed Site Failover

Data needs to be highly available at all times. Comteq will utilize an industry-leading clustering technology, which monitors application availability and initiates the fastest possible response to restore availability should a failure occur. Utilizing this technology extends the local high availability infrastructure to allow multisite cluster management, failover and site migration with a single command line or mouse-click in the event of a disaster.

Whether your organization's recovery needs are met with traditional tape backup, vaulting and restore, or if more advanced clustering and replication are required, Comteq has a full range of open software and hardware solutions that keeps your data online and available-even when disaster strikes.

Our consultants will evaluate your environment, identify exposures in your recovery processes, recommend corrective actions based on your current environment, and provide you with a report to detail our findings.

For questions or to have ComteqUSA provide a solution for you, give us a call toll free at 1-800-757-4440 or send us an e-mail at

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