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Network Security / Intrusion Detection

The Internet is a powerful medium for business, communication, customer delivery, and many other types of transactions. It is always important to remember that the Internet is an open and insecure medium that exposes businesses to significant potential risks.

The popularity of the Internet, combined with the power of e-business, is driving companies to focus on security and privacy. ComteqUSA Security and Privacy specialists work with you to assess, plan, design, implement and manage a security-rich environment for your online applications and transactions. To protect both you and your customers.

ComteqUSA can architect security solutions to support your endeavors in realizing the potentials of the Internet. We provide technological solution for securing large-scale networks in distributed business environment. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, from developing and managing to monitoring your security infrastructure, meeting your every security requirement.

With a proven expertise across a broad spectrum of products, we design and implement security solutions that are truly product independent and highly reliable. From setting up a firewall to building the entire security architecture for your network, ComteqUSA gives you the advantage of time, cost, and expertise. While developing a security infrastructure, we provide the following services.

  • Analysis and Security Audit, vulnerability analysis penetration testing.
  • Design security policy network security architecture.
  • Implementation, server handling, firewall, IDS, VPN, PKI, SSL, SET.
  • Response, Incident handling, disaster recovery procedure, forensic examination

These Security, Privacy, Wireless and PKI Security services will help you build trusted electronic relationships with your employees, customers and business partners.

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