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Gain access to fully switched network that's far more robust and reliable than you could provide yourself.

Your single or multiple servers will be housed in our secure Network Operations Center (NOC).

Benefits include (but not limited to):

· Environmentally controlled, secure facility
· Uninterruptible power supplies
· 24/7 monitoring and support
· Lots of bandwidth

Co-Location Vs. Running Your own Data Center

Price: Save the cost of building a secure, environmentally controlled data center with routers, switches, battery and generator backup, and the personnel necessary to install and maintain it all.

Time: At ComteqUSA, your server can be up and running in as little as 12 hours instead of weeks or months.

Expertise: It takes specialized knowledge to setup and maintain server environment. The ComteqUSA team is unrivaled in the industry in terms of education and experience.

How it Works

We make it easy for our co-location customers to get their servers up and running. Here are the basic steps:

1. We custom-build a server for you, or you can ship us your server.
2. We place it on our high-speed, all-digital network, assign IP numbers and run DNS for you.
3. You're ready to go! All you need is a remote access application such as telnet or VPN to communicate and/or maintain your server.
4. Once your server is online, we provide troubleshooting and monitoring to help you keep your servers running efficiently and trouble-free.

Pricing: Monthly cost and setup fees are determined by server size, transfer rate (GB) and bandwidth. ComteqUSA can also custom build your co-location server.

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