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Here at Comteq, we deliver industry-leading value with the performance you need at the lowest possible price in configurations that fit every level of business application, from enterprise to small growing businesses.

This month's special:

NASAS™-2040 - Network Attached Storage Appliance Server

Do you know your storage needs increases to 10 times their original size every year! ComteqUSA introduces the NASAS-2040 by Ateonix Networks.

Preserve, store and backup important information - files, intellectual property, audio-video, legal materials, customer information, HR information, marketing material, emails and more.

Instant storage expansion
: NASAS-2040 is a field-scalable Network Attached Storage Appliance Server(NASAS) for small and mid-sized businesses, corporate offices and educational institutions. It provides an affordable solution offering fast, reliable and high-performance access to data storage and file sharing for services such as software distribution, documents, graphics files, databases and e-mail.

  Key Buying Points
  · On the fly upgrades and backup function
  · Roomy storage, fast data transfer rates, best value per GB
  · Multi-OS compatibility (Windows, Solaris, Macintosh, Unix/Linux)
  · Scalable storage
  · High-quality, mass storage business solution with compelling     economics
  · Fast, reliable, high performance access to data storage
  · Entire OS, user configuration, and all required software in solid-state     flash memory and not on hard disk drives.

Using tomorrow's top-of-the-line hard disk drives, NASAS-2040 can scale up to 512 PB*, and the maximum capacity is limited only by the size of drives available on the market.

Installation is simple! Install a hard drive and connect NASAS-2040 to the network using its built-in Ethernet port, and then use a browser to access NASAS-2040's built-in configuration wizard and management utility.

*1 Petabyte (PB) = 1 million GB

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